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Interview with the Vampire

Posted in Anne Rice's Novels on August 17, 2009 by vampwilock

Lestat, Louis and Claudia

This is the first book of Anne Rice for her Vampire Chronicles. I bought the book when I was in 3rd year highschool. I was able to watch the movie even before I read the book and I could say that it’s because of that movie why I got fascinated with vampires.

The book is originally published in the year 1976. It was adopted into a movie in the year 1994 under the direction of Neil Jordan.

One of the main characters, Louis de Pointe du Lac was portrayed by the actor Brad Pitt. Louis is a black haired mortal with brilliant green eyes from New Orleans. The book mainly tells the story of his lfe. How he became a vampire when he was 25 years old in the year 1791. It tells the adventures that he had after he became the fledgling of Lestat.

The story is being recorded by the human reporter Daniel Malloy portrayed by the actor Chritian Slater.

Lestat de Lioncourt, or better known as the “Brat Prince” on Anne Rice’s novels was portaryed by the actor Tom Cruise. Lestat is a six foot, blonde vampire with a piercing gray eyes. He’s the sire of Louis and Claudia.

It was mentioned on the book that Louis hated the kind of being he had become. He respects life despite the fact that Lestat keeps on telling him that it was in their nature to hunt. He rarely take humans as a victim and even lasted 4 years of not feeding off humans. Except for the night when he saw Claudia.

Claudia (portrayed by the actress Kirsten Dunst) is a five year old kid that Louis found one night in a plague infected town. Louis heard her crying besides her decaying mother and he wasn’t able to resist the urge to feed on her. Lestat caught him and mockingly congratulated Louis in finally embracing his vampire nature.

Louis fled thinking that he killed Claudia. But what he didn’t know is that Lestat brought her home with him and it was Lestat who gave Claudia the Dark Gift. After being transformed into a vampire child, the three of them spent their time with each other but it was with Louis whom Claudia became particularly close with. They even slept on the same coffin.

Over the years, Claudia’s mind changed into that of a woman but her body remains like that of a 5 year old which makes her hate what she is. She blamed Lestat for everything and hated him for being too secretive and bossy with her and Louis. She killed Lestat one night by poisoning him with a dead man’s blood and slashing his throat open. Louis and Claudia throwed Lestat’s body into a crocodile infested river (Lake Pontchartrain) and moved to France to look for other vampires who might give them the answers to the number of questions that they have for being who they are.

There they met other creatures called Revenants. They are the vampires of Eastern Europe, though they looked merely like animated corpse. In Paris, they met the vampire Armand (portrayed by Antonio Banderas). Armand is a 400 year old vampire with auburn hair, deep brown eyes and boyish looks. He’s the leader of Theatre des Vampires.

In there, they have learned that even vampires have rules. Once broken, it could be punishable by death. One of the rule is that a vampire shouldn’t kill his/her own kind. Having that in mind, Claudia knew that her life is in danger. And Louis, being with her is in danger too. Since she knew that Armand wants to be Louis and so is Louis, she demanded Louis to give her a new companion in the form of the mortal Madeleine.

Madeleine lost a child who looks a lot like Claudia and is willing to be her lifetime companion. Despite the promise that he would not condemn someone into the damned life, his love for Claudia pushed him to do the thing he despises the most. He made Madeleine into a vampire.

Unknown to them, Lestat survived and followed them in Paris. He informed the theatre about what Claudia have done. Claudia, Madeleine and Louis were dragged into the theatre. Louis will be buried alive for eternity as a punishment but Armand saved him. Claudia and Madeleine were killed and turned into ashes after being left exposed on the sun. This enraged Louis and in return he killed everyone on the theatre and burned it into the ground.

Louis went back to New Orleans and spoke with Lestat one night but end up leaving him. He also spent some time with Armand but it seems that he lost his life as well when Claudia was killed. In result, Louis and Armand also parted ways…

The story continues on the next book… The Vampire Lestat…

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