Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Lestat


“There was something vampiric about rock music.” – Lestat

“Chaos was the meaninglessness of day-to-day life.” – Lestat

“If goodness does exist, then I’m the opposite of it. I’m evil and I revel in it.” – Nicolas

“My heir chosen to take the Dark Gift from me with more fiber and courage than ten mortal men, what a Child of Darkness you are to be.” – Magnus

“In this Savage Garden, these innocent ones belonged in the vampire’s arms.” – Lestat

“It is a new age. It requires a new evil. And I am that new evil. I am the vampire for these times.” – Lestat

“The truth is most women are weak, be they mortal or immortal. But when they are strong, they are absolutely unpredictable.” – Marius (My Personal Favorite… I so totally agree with this quote.)

“Odd truths and ancient magic, revolution and invention, all conspire to distract us from the passion that in one way or another defeats us” – Lestat

“Only the impossible can do the impossible” – Nicolas

“I hated the fact only extreme pain in me could ever wring from her the slightest warmth or interest.” – Lestat

“To be godless is probably the first step to innocence, to lose the sense of sin and subordination, the false grief for things supposed to be lost.” – Marius

“But maybe something more wonderful will take place: the world will truly move forward, past all gods and goddesses, past all devils and angels.” – Marius

“Horror and Moral terror can never be exonerated. They have no real value. Pure evil has no real place.” – Lestat

“By day I sleep in the sand. By night I am on the wing as if I could truly fly. I need no name. I leave no footprints… I will be a goddess to those I slay.” – Gabrielle

“There was no judging day, no final explanation, no luminous moment in which all terrible wrongs would be made right, all horrors redeemed.” – Lestat



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