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Welcome to my site…

This site will show you the things that I’m particularly interested with. Creating this web page is just a sprung of the moment decision. Just trying to kill some time in the office when I found out about WordPress and decided that creating this web page is a great way for me to spend my wee hours. =)

Let me just tell you something about myself. My name’s Joy, I’m 26 years old and currently working as a Product Training Manager for a Call Center in the Philippines. I usually spend most of my times at work. But if I’m not there, you would find me most probably hanging out with my friends. Having a few drinks specially if we’re really stressed out. But like a typical girl I’m obsessed with stylish shoes and strappy sandals. =)

I don’t know if the stuffs that you’d find on this site would be particularly interesting for you. But as what I’ve said, it’s the the things that I’m into. If it happens that we’ve got the same interests, then I hope we could share more information about it and maybe become web friends. (Is there such a term?!?) … lolz

Anyway, that’s it for now… Enjoy and Blessed Be…

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